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CraneVeyor manufactures a complete range of Top Riding Single Girder cranes with structural beam or plate box girders. The cranes are available from ton work area type; to 20 tons capacity long span box girder type. We manufacture most of our end trucks and have CNC and other machine tools to turn wheels and mill assemblies, and efficient jigs to align the assemblies. You're buying these hard working, cost effective cranes from a manufacturer with over 64 years of know-how.

Please review the information below to select the crane for your application. Click on the BROCHURE or SPECIFICATIONS for more information about the applicable crane series.

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CraneVeyor TF6 Series-Top Riding Single Girder

Top Riding Single Girder Crane TF6 Series Top Riding Single Girder Crane TF6 Series Top Riding Single Girder Crane TF6 Series

Available from to 5 tons capacity and to 48' span in hand pushed, hand geared and motorized versions. This cost effective crane is assembled from stock components for quick delivery. TF6 cranes can run on the top flange of a standard beam when operating in a TransTop Free Standing work area system, or on ASCE or square bar rails.

CraneVeyor TW-20 and TWR-20 Series-Top Riding Single Girder

Available from 3 to 10 tons capacity and to 60' span. This series of motorized cranes provides good economy and delivery. The TW20 crane can operate with CraneVeyor TransTop free standing system runways without ASCE rail using a flangeless wheel and guide roller arrangement.The TWR20 crane has a flanged wheel design to ooperate on ASCE when applicable.

CraneVeyor TSR Series-Top Riding Single Girder-Rotating Axle

CraneVeyor TSR Series-Top Riding Single Girder-Rotating Axle

TSR Series

Available from 2 to 20 tons capacity and to 90' span this series of motorized cranes can be provided to meet the duty requirements of CMAA Class A thru D heavy service. End truck frames are rectangular tube sections machined for the wheel axle and bearing assemblies. Wheels are C-1045 steel. Driven wheels are rotating axle type, with totally enclosed gearing and pre-lubricated bearings. Idler wheels have fixed axles with enclosed pre-lubricated bearings.

Click on the above BROCHURE or SPECIFICATIONS for more information.

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